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Understanding New Media: ICS Teachers and Students Visited Tencent Zhejiang Website Company


November 23th, 38 students from Master of China Studies Program visited Tencent Zhejiang Website Company in Hangzhou, as the practical investigation of China Media course.

Leaded by the course teacher Professor Wei Lu, the teaching assistant Doctor Huang Qing and the employees of Zhejiang Website, the students firstly visit the offices of different departments of the company to know about the basic structure of the company. After that, three project leaders introduced to the students the operation of the company, as well as the application of social Big Data to Penguin Intelligence products and Tencent Intelligence Campus products.


The project leaders illustrated their projects with extremely detailed cases, such as the optimum number of words and pictures in a piece of daily news and the coolest large screen real-time interaction.


In this way, they helped the students to understand better what they had learned about in class.


The students caught the chance and raised varieties of questions: Are the employees required to work overtime? Will the arrangement of the website be adjusted according to users’ feedback? Will the mobile news takes data consumption into consideration? Does face recognition technology involve the problem of privacy security? Are teachers in school willing to apply these new technologies to teaching practice? The project leaders answered these question one by one according to their practical experiences and praised the students for the professional and realistic questions.

The students learned so much from the visit that almost every one of them walked out o the company with reluctance. They said that they enjoyed the great benefit of such practical activity, in which they could combine theory with practice, take full advantage of study China in China, communicate with the employees on the front-line and gain firsthand experience and deep understanding of China.